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Deane Adams

Janet Albee

Larry and Karen Allen

Anderson Funeral Home

Robert and Shelley Backes

Dr. Dean and Mary Baker

Bill and Barbara Baltissberger

David and Tammy Barajas

Paul and Carrie Barr

Edwin Bartine

Glenda Barton

Robert and Jane Bauer

Fred and Myrna Bayer

Paul and Jennifer Beals

Bob Becker

Robert and Karen Berger

Mike and Ellen Bergman

Gary and Joyce Blanchard

Jamie and Jay Hansen Bland

Steve and Bettie Bolar

Gary and Jacki Bolar

Julie Bossom

Jim and Patty Bowman

Doug and Jinita Boyd

Garry and Bobbie Brandenburg

Allen and Jean Brennecke

Dr.Terry and Kathy Briggs

Grant Brintnall

Virtus Brockman

Chris and Cindy Brodin

Keith and Ada Brown

Greg and Suzanne Brown

Art Buchwald

Doug and Cynthia Butler

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Aaron and Michele Buzbee

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Sue Cahil

Bill and Linda Casady

Abbie and Penny Chadderdon

Mary Christensen

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Dr. David and Val Clark

Melia J. Clark

Betty Collison

Dr.John and Janet Collison

Charles and Karen Colwell

Venita Connley

Dr. Doug and Dr. Margaret Cooper and Fehrle

Allen and Judy Dale

Deloy and Yvonne Davidson

Dr.James and Vicki Davison

John and Michelle Dawley

Becky Deimerly

Conrad and Peggy Dejardin

Amber Devick

Dr. Mathew and Sarah Downey

Jim and Marilyn Downs

Heidi Draisey

Sally Duke

Nona Eaton

Dean and Karen Elder

Electric Supply of Marshalltown

Greg and Barbara Ellcey

Jerry and Anita Ellingson

Tom and Lonnie Ethington

Ethington Heating & Cooling

Evans Abstract Co.

Ellen Failor

Farmers Savings Bank

Doug Finders

Bill Fitzgerald

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Dorothy Francis

Marty and Wendy Frangenberg

Jerry and Cheri Gaffney

The Gantz Family

Matt Garber

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Wayne Gieselman

John Gildner

Gary and Sarah Gimbel

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John and Donnis Grier

Paul and Marjorie Grimes

Mary Ann Hall

Eleanor Handorf

Joe and Peggy Hannam

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Dr. James and Joan Heddens

Charles and Marcia Heggen

John and Pat Helfer

Ray Helland

David and Dorothy Hellberg

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John and Patty Hermanson

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Ken and Sarah Hesmer

Robert and Dana Hessenius

Rusty and Carol Hibbs

Arlo and LaVonne Hildahl

Beverly Hinshaw

Kevin and Julie Hitchins

Bill and Diane Hobson

Curt and Linda Hoff

Ed and Joyce Hughes

Linda Huston

Independent Insurance Services

Stephen and Madelyn Irvine

Don and Carol Irwin

Dale and Sandy Ites

Kerry and Jane Jech

Darrell & Jolene Jebsen

Mary Jefferson

Orland Joens

Dale and Janice Johnson

Arba and Margaret Johnson

Chris and Shannon Johnson

Paul and Elaine Johnson

Jerry and Deb Johnson

Kevin and Ann Jones

Dean and Mary Kenagy

Larry and Marlene Kester

Terry and Jan Kluck

Kyle & Kindra Lacina

Linda Leaton

Lennox Industries c/o Terry Fredricksen

Dr. Carl and Catherine Lester

Kent and Carol Loney

Rev. Scott and Dr. Colette Lothe

James and Sylvia Lowrance

Pat and Bonnie Lowry

Dr.Noel Lund

Ken and Maureen Lyons

Patrick and Susan Malloy

Phil and Madelyn Mayberry

Mike and Phyllis Mazour

Dick and Barbara McBride

Mike and Kathy McCune

Tom and Suzanne Mead

Mechdyne Corporation

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Duane and Erma Meyer

Brent and Daleen Michel

Ward Miller

Marty Mitchell

Mitchell Family Funeral Home

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Joann Neven

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Mark and Fauna Nord

Dave and Jane Norris

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Ray Osthus

Paul and Heidi Peglow

Bert and Carole Permar

Mike and LeAnn Peschong

Dr.Robert and Nancy Peterson

Roger and Becky Peterson

Dr. Richard and Carol Ploeger

Dr. Joseph and Susan Pollpeter

Dr. Bradley and Judith Price

Racom Corporation

Craig and Cynthia Ragland

Larry and Joynell Raymon

Mr. and Mrs. Stan Rebik

Neal and Dianne Rinehart

Sally Robertson

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Steve and Deb Ruddick

Steve and Mary Rund

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R S Stover

Eldon and Monica Schneider

Matt and Kim Schryver

Steve and Cindy Seberger

Shomo Madsen Insurance

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Cindy Slingluff

Dennis and Phyllis Smeins

Charles and Rita Smith

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Jeri Splittgerber

Dr. Richard and Julie Squiers

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Jim and Connie Stansberry

Jeff Linton -State Farm Insurance

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Lacina, Kyle and Kindra from Structural Engineers, PC

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George Taylor

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Phil Tetzloff and Linda Holvik

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Tommy and Evelyn Thompson

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Don and Sue Turbiville

Roger and Laura Vajgrt

Dr. Stephen and Heather Van Buren

John Veldey

Duane and Karen Visser

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Wayne and Jonna Wagar

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Joe and Susan Weaver

Randy and Carolyn Weir

Dr. John Wells

Tom and Mary Wertzberger

Dr. and Mrs. William Wessels

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J Winter

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